Welcome to my projects page.  
Scarlet Ones Scarlet Ones - C++/Ogre3D/Fmod

"Unfinished game project started in 2005. 3D a la Final Fantasy game. Frozen due to the lack of 3D models (or designers)." Personal Project
Venus Venus - Java/JMF/MySQL

"Wrote on demand in 2004 to a Beauty Studio. Responsible for clients registering, schedule management, reminders, photo capturing, and a lot of extra stuff." Commercial Project
RTE Remote Teaching Environment (RTE) - Java/NPSNET-V/Java3D

"Subject conclusion work in 2005. 3D Distributed Environment for Remote Teaching. Wrote on Java, using US Navy's NPSNET-V architecture." Studying Project
ALANIS Aircraft Live and Network-based Interactive System (ALANIS) - C++/FlightGear/SimGear/TerraGear

"Bachelor conclusion work in 2004. 3D Air Space environment for real-time representation and recorded data replaying. Divided in 3 C++ modules (viewer, comunicator, interpreter) possibiliting one or more data collection stations and any amount of viewers in the same network." Studying Project
jDIIG Designer Inteligente de Interfaces Gráficas (DIIG) - Java

"2004. Java RAD with the ability of auto-generate functional GUIs (Swing/AWT/JSP) based on input classes wrote according to a pattern." Self-Initiative turned into Job Project
frmwrk FRMWRK - Java/JDBC

"Started writing in 2003. Java Framework with a lot of goodies, including a robust middleware the enables the transparent interaction between objects and relational DBs." Self-Initiative turned into Job Project
Unfortunately, great part of the projects that I worked is classified as confidential and I can't describe them here. Not all of the personal or commercial projects that I worked on are listed in here coz I couldn't remember them all :(